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Jan 5 / Caro

{Living Arrows 2015} 1/52

Or rather, 1/however many I actually manage to share.

And notice there that I said “share”. Not “take”.

Devoted readers may have noticed my tendency to start projects on this blog and not quite see them through. I started sharing a 365 project two years ago, but the photos fizzle out before the middle of the year. I joined in with the Living Arrows project last year but the posts stop less than six months in. Yet in both of these cases, I don’t consider that I really failed. The 365 project foiled me in the organisation and the sharing. In actually finding and editing the pictures and then getting them on to my bog in a relevant and timely way. Oh, and the old devil perfectionism, that haunts me. You know, feeling the photos weren’t good enough to share! But having gone back through my photos for that year since, I’ve identified just five days on which I did not take a photograph. Failure, no doubt, to some 365 purists, but given that I’d stopped motivating myself with the actual goal of completing the project, I think that was pretty impressive.

Likewise with Living Arrows, of course I have a picture of my son, or something related to him, representing his childhood, for every single one of the 52 weeks of last year.  I don’t need a challenge to ensure that happens. I can’t stop myself taking pictures of him and for him. No, I simply failed miserably at sharing them here in a timely manner.

So why am I trying again? I’m not sure, when the odds of success seem anything but in my favour. I think it’s mainly because I’d like this blog to be a bit of a one-stop archive, if only I can organise myself a bit better. I’d like to be able to look back through the edited “best bits” of our years in one place, rather than wading through digital folders stored ten deep to pick out my favourite memories.

And you’re only truly destined to fail if you never try in the first place.

The photo I’m sharing this week was taken at the cinema as we waited to see The Penguins of Madagascar. It eclipsed all others I’ve taken this week, despite the poor lighting and grainy quality of the phone snap, because it absolutely sums up Thomas’s personality. The head tilt, the cheeky wink and the accusatory finger admonishing me for taking a photo. This is absolutely Thomas, at age three and two months.


Living Arrows


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  1. You Baby Me Mummy / Jan 5 2015

    What a cheeky little face! x #LivingArrows

    • Caro / Jan 5 2015

      Cheeky face for a cheeky boy!

  2. Vickie / Jan 5 2015

    How cute is he! I love that he’s giving you a finger wag. Naughty mummy taking a picture! 🙂

    • Caro / Jan 5 2015

      Funny thing is, my grandmother had that same finger action exactly! He does like to tell me off!

  3. Amber / Jan 5 2015

    LOOK at that cheeky grin! What a gorgeous, happy picture. I’m so glad that you shared it with us.

    • Caro / Jan 6 2015

      Thank you – I can’t help but smile every time I see this image!

  4. Carie / Jan 6 2015

    Oh that’s a gorgeous picture, he’s such a little sweetheart and I love the wagging finger!

    • Caro / Jan 7 2015

      I think I’m going to see a lot of finger wagging in the coming years!

  5. Lauren / Jan 6 2015

    Oh that is SUCH cute photo! Really made me smile, he looks so cheeky x

    • Caro / Jan 7 2015

      Thank you. He really is!

  6. what a cheeky smile!

    • Caro / Jan 7 2015

      He’s such a cheeky boy, it really sums him up!

  7. Well done you for joining in again. I too am not good at being organised with these projects but I’m going for it again anyway. This picture is so cute. He looks so cheeky xx

    • Caro / Jan 7 2015

      It is really hard to stay on top of these things when you’re also busy living life. I need to stop being perfectionist and all-or-nothing though. Our best efforts are good enough!

  8. Emma T / Jan 6 2015

    Cute photo. Sometimes it’s the grainy ones that are the best #livingarrows

    • Caro / Jan 7 2015

      Grain can definitely evoke atmosphere. Obviously the best pictures are the ones we take, and mine are so often phone snaps because that’s the camera that’s always to hand!

  9. Katie @mummydaddyme / Jan 6 2015

    That is such a cute photo- I love the little finger wag and he just looks so cheeky! x

    • Caro / Jan 7 2015

      Thank you. He IS so cheeky, but I wouldn’t change a thing!

  10. Hayley at Shutterflies / Jan 8 2015

    Oh how cute, did he enjoy it? I could never see a 365 project through at all but weekly is just about doable and I think when there’s a group of you taking part it’s easier to stay motivated! x

    • Caro / Jan 11 2015

      Yes, he loved it! It’s definitely the sharing rather than taking that’s hard, but I’m so hoping to stay motivated!

  11. Mum Reinvented / Jan 9 2015

    Aww what a gorgeous cheeky little monkey!

    • Caro / Jan 11 2015

      Thank you 🙂

  12. Baby Isabella / Jan 11 2015

    He is such a cutie! Love the cheeky head tilt! #livingarrows

    • Caro / Jan 11 2015

      Thank you 🙂

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