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Hi! I’m Caroline.

My day job involves wielding a variety of sharp instruments and inflicting considerable pain and suffering on innocent members of the public, who pay me for the privilege. In other words, I’m a dentist. Actually, I prefer to look at is as helping people who are in pain and ending their suffering, because that’s how it really is. And I love my job.

My other full time job also involves lots of sharp objects. Needles and lancets mainly. I’ve had type one diabetes for almost 30 years, and I don’t remember life without it. I wear an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor, and use these tools to mimic a physiologically normal body as best as I can. It’s hard work. And diabetes is not well suited to my perfectionist personality because perfect control does not exist. Diabetes puts its oar in to everything I do, but I refuse to let it stop me.

In many ways, I’m a little odd. I’m obsessed with giraffes. I have a collection of cuddly anteaters. I’ll only eat cheese if it’s cooked, and I can only eat M&Ms in a specific colour order. I can’t fall asleep if my ears aren’t covered up and I can’t walk up a flight of stairs without counting them. But I’m fortunate to live with a man who not only tolerates, but actually embraces, my idiosyncrasies.

Our meeting involved ropes, harnesses and a not insubstantial amount of sweating: We met at a rock climbing wall. Ian, holding the safety ropes, caught me in a fall and technically saved my life. I felt obliged to buy him a beer after that and… well, one thing led to another. We got married on June 12th 2010, on what turned out to be a magical, fairytale kind of day, and one that we’ll never forget. I love him more than I can find the words can say.

We spent our honeymoon in Kenya, and two weeks after our return to the UK found the perfect house. So began the process of packing up over 12 years of life in London, and moving to the Kent countryside.

And in March of 2011, we opened the next chapter in our lives when I peed on stick and two pink lines appeared in a little window. This is where the story begins on this blog. The blog title refers to the well known nursery rhyme about Sugar and Spice and all things nice being what little girls are made from. Given that good blood glucose control is essential for women with diabetes during pregnancy, to avoid a whole raft of potential complications, I went easy on the sugar though.

And the baby… turned out to be a boy anyway! Born on November 10th 2011, and instantly changing our lives. I love him more than I can find the words to say.

This blog is my personal story of building and raising a baby, the diabetic way.

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  1. Emma Wright / Feb 18 2014

    We went to Kenya too for our honeymoon! We had a weeks safari and then 8 days in mombassa recovering afterwards x

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