Concentrate! Here Comes the… Boring Bit

My pregnancy seems to be just sort of… plodding along right now.

Diabetes-wise, the wicked lows of the first trimester are gone, but I’m not yet hitting the insulin resistance expected in the later months. I seem to have hit a sort of stride, but I’m afraid to talk about it too much incase I jinx it.

In general pregnancy news, the morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness is also gone, and my appetite has settled down. No weird and wonderful cravings to report, but I’m also not limited to the tiny range of foods I was (not) enjoying just a few weeks ago. The recurrent need to pee that plagued me – day and night and no matter what the blood sugar – throughout the first trimester, also seems to have diminished.

My stomach is definitely rounder, and my waist and hips thicker, than before. My usual jeans don’t fit properly and I’m all about the maternity range now, but it’s still nothing you’d define as a baby bump if you didn’t already know that I’m pregnant. My breasts have definitely gone through a growth spurt not seen since puberty, but that has stabilised since hitting trimester two.

I’ve yet to experience any of the well publicised troublesome symptoms of pregnancy – no swelling, no backache and no heartburn – and I’m very thankful for every day that those symptoms stay away. I’ve also yet to experience my first full fledged baby kicks, or even the fluttering that all the books describe as coming first. I waiting (im)patiently for these to occur, but nothing yet.

All in all, not much to report!


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