Remembering Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, or more accurately all day sickness , is fortunately in the past. And it feels a really long time ago that I was struggling with feeling so awful. I used to drag myself home from work and curl up on the sofa, feeling nauseous and exhausted. I struggled to find food that I fancied eating, existing mostly on Cheerios, yogurt, jelly and mini Mars bars, with the occasional plate of macaroni cheese. Those early weeks seemed to drag on and on and on. I’m so glad that they have passed.

The odd thing, though, is that in just a moment the memory of exactly how I felt all those weeks ago can come flooding back and more often than not it’s the television that sets it off.

You see, when I was curling up on the sofa after work, I invariably had some trash on the TV. I would often watch Challenge with re-runs of shows like The Crystal Maze and Catchphrase. Later in the evening, Ian would often switch over to How it’s Made on Quest. Six months later, any one of those programmes instantly makes me feel just as queasy and drained as I felt when I was watching them back then.

I don’t think Ian really gets my sudden aversion to shows that I used to quite happily allow to run in the background all the time. I don’t understand either, but the power of association is evidently strong! And it’s not just television. Music is a powerful reminder too. For some reason I can no longer listen to Adele, as her music seemed to be constantly on the radio at work during my first trimester.

I wonder if these memories will fade. I wonder if in a future pregnancy (if we chose to go through this again!) I feel so awful again I won’t mind watching those shows, or if they will make me feel twice as bad. I’ll certainly be mindful of what I do watch and do, in case I end up hating something that I currently love. Fortunately I can live without How It’s Made in my life!


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