My Sunday Photo – 4th January 2015


I’ve read a lot of posts this week about the blogging goals or resolutions that people have set themselves for 2015. I haven’t written such a post (yet, we’ll have to see what happens there). But I have been found on Twitter lately discussing some of my feelings around blogging – and my blog in particular – and the way I feel like I struggle to fit in and find my place in this enormous community. And without community, blogging is not really much more than diary writing, that I could do by myself, at home, using some of the many pretty paper journals and scrapbooks that I have stashed away. The very fact that I publish this for people to see should be a clue that I would like at least a few people to see it. So my only really goal right now is to better attempt to engage myself in the community. To stop using a lack if time as an excuse. To stop getting bogged down about where my place is between the parents and the infertility community. To just be.

And here is where I’m starting. With a Sunday photograph.

Taken onΒ  New Year’s Eve walk around our local lake, with a stop to feed the ducks. As it so often the case when wrangling both a camera and a small child, especially when mud, water and wild animals are involved, it’s not exactly the shot that I wish I could have captured. But there is something mysterious about the lingering mist on the distant trees. Something strong, promising and hopeful stored in the beat of that gull’s wings.

It’s a good place to start.

(And thank you to all who recommended I join up with this Linky)

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  1. What a spectacular photo. So clear. My little boy doesn’t like feeding the ducks, they frighten him when they come up close,a only the big swans. It makes me sad so hopefully he will grow out of it. I too only started joining this linky last week but it’s a great way to share a photo from the week, with or without words. #mysundayphoto xx

    1. Thank you. It’s only in the last six months he’s really started to enjoy it. At first he used to squeal and run away. Then he found it hysterical that they would chase him. This week was the first time he let a bird take food directly from his hand! I think like everything they have to build confidence in their own time. Lots of walks in this area without actually feeding the ducks definitely helped x

  2. Lovely winter picture … although I have to admit to being slightly scared of geese. If you ever blog about animals (or want to add this post) I run the #AnimalTales blog linky on a Tuesday (hope that was OK to mention). happy New Year and Happy Blogging!

    1. Thank you! Geese can be a bit scary. Some of these ones we have locally are quite gentle though, crazy as that sounds! I will definitely check out the linky – of course it’s fine to mention! x

  3. Such a great photo Caroline, although I do have to admit being so close to that many birds would slightly freak me out. I had a traumatic bird feeding experience when O was little and I fear I’m scarred for life! xx

    1. I understand why people get freaked out by birds, but they are one thing that really doesn’t bother me too much!

      Thanks for hosting πŸ™‚

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